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Our Own Restricted Free Agent Crisis

"Crisis" would be an alarmist prediction, surely. But nonetheless, from Sam Amick:

The Kings have until Oct. 31 to offer Francisco Garcia an extension, but it remains all quiet on that front.

From talking to numerous sources on this topic, I'd be shocked if the Kings didn't let Garcia become a restricted free agent next summer.

Good news: The 2009-10 and beyond cap picture will not see additional bloating this summer, potentially opening the drawer for a free agent run next summer, should something with the expensive frontcourt happen.

Bad news: If Garcia plays well this season, as we expect him to, he'll be more expensive in the long run.

Signing Kevin Martin to an early extension was a prescient move -- the Kings cinched Martin for much cheaper last summer than he would have been this summer. Garcia's in a different boat: we won't be talking about $50 million, we'll be weighing $25-35 million. It's a smaller risk because the stakes are smaller.

But it's still a risk. Luckily, the league is full of range-y middle class swingmen, and even a great season won't break the bank, lest half the league gets early cap room.