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Two More Months Of Pandering

No, not until the election. We're down to two months of my pandering on behalf of the SPCA.

"Hey, Bobby Jackson, will you be relieved when section214 finally stops filling the front page with pleas for doggy dollars and feline funding?"


"Mos Def."

"Hey, it's Reggie Theus' media coach. Dude, are you getting tired of all of this bucks begging?"


"Mmpf, mmpf, mmpf."

So here's the scoop. We're $238 away from our goal of $999 and we have until October 31. That's like 12 wins away from a 50 win season (or 12 losses away from a 50 loss season for you pessimists).

My donation this month is $1 per predicted win for this season. For some of you, that would be $23. For me, it's $41.  That's right...$41. I say 38 minus Ron equals 32. But 32 plus better health equals 41. Remember, I am quite insane.

For those of you on a tight budget, it is quite appropriate to make your donation based on wins amassed by Memphis or Minnesota or Oklahoma City. Can't make that? OK, how 'bout 'dem Raiders? Every little bit helps.

Again, many thanks to all of you for your continued support. Go Kings, and go SPCA.