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If I had mentioned before that wins and losses aren't particularly thrilling or stinging these days, I apologize. Because that fricking stung.

That game was cinched for either side three times. Dwyane Wade's steal near the end of regulation, Kevin Martin's three free throws, the stop after the Spencer Hawes flagrant ... and, of course, Wade's finish in overtime. A brutal loss, just as it would have been for the Heat if the Kings could finish.

It's mind-boggling that the best crunch time play was came on Hawes' tying jumper with less than five seconds left. Given 24 seconds every other possession, the Kings tossed up a variety of forces, disconcertingly discombobulated set-ups. Little rhyme, less reason. As was noted in the game thread, Martin wasn't particularly strong late. The turnover in regulation -- you've got to get it past the guy (Daequan Cook) guarding the in-bounds, even if the play looks broken and the spacing bad. You need to get a shot up every time down, first of all. And hopefully in the future, those shots will be better than a ceaseless parade of contested threes.

The confidence of Hawes is a positive. Jason Thompson played strong defense. Brad Miller played strong defense (for Brad Miller). The destruction of Beno Udrih continued a-pace. Donté Greene looks ready to destroy the Sundowner's breakfast buffet. Crushing, CRUSHING loss. But if you can't find positives, you really shouldn't be subjecting yourself to this team.