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A Word of Thanks to the Sacramento Bee

We all know The Bee's sports section has been great in terms of embracing the Kings blog universe, both by making writers/editors available to us and by providing great web-only content.

But the dedication the newspaper has kept to the local team in print deserves commendation as well ... especially considering the revelation that the Los Angeles Daily News has forgone sending reporters to at least some home Clippers games in favor of double-covering the Lakers. Over the summer, the Orange County Register moved its Clippers beat writer to a general NBA column spot and didn't replace him. (So the team has a Lakers beat writer, an NBA columnist and no Clips beat coverage.)

Our team is as bad as the Clippers, but The Bee has devoted more resources to the franchise as ever before, with Melody Gutierrez joining Sam Amick often in beat and notebook coverage, and with Scott Howard-Cooper and Ailene Voisin popping up on the road occasionally.

Without the resources to spend time at the practice court or in the locker rooms regularly (let alone road games), blogs like this one are useless without serious team coverage from the local news-gathering organizations. The Bee is obviously a local leader in this, and I'd personally like to thank the paper for doing a great, thorough job. Cheers.