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Facts Are Bourgeois

Marty McNeal in Saturday's column, which deals with everything wrong with the Kings:

Then I tell Petrie to get off his penchant for players without toughness. Sure, it's nice and necessary to have shooters, but I don't want any players who have to think about sacrificing their body for a loose ball. I want players who do it instinctively. The Kings have to get tough. Period.

And I'd hire a coach who tells Kevin Martin that his defensive approach to the game is one of the worst I've ever seen. It's not in the best interest of a coach to alienate his leading scorer. However, Martin doesn't guard, he doesn't rebound defensively and, like the rest of the Kings, he doesn't foul. The last time I checked, they were last in the league in fouls. Man, I miss Brian Grant, Michael "The Animal" Smith, Sarunas Marciulionis, Bonzi Wells and even Anthony "Spud" Webb.

If you go by raw statistics, the Kings are 2nd in the league in personal fouls (behind Milwaukee). More fouls than Boston, Utah, Cleveland, New Orleans, Detroit, San Antonio. They foul a ton.

Get away from the raw statistics: adjust for pace by looking at opponent free throws/field goal attempts. The Kings are 4th.

Fouling isn't necessarily a good thing, and it damn sure isn't a measure of toughness. The SPURS are last in the league in fouls. Are the Spurs not tough? "Man, I miss Sean Elliott, George Gervin, David "The Admiral Robinson, Avery Johnson and even Bruce "The Rash" Bowen (R.I.P.).

It's been this way all season. The last time Marty Mac checked was Never o'clock, or maybe half-past-bullshit. Perceptions are all you need though, right? This team sucks, and Kevin Martin is skinny, and Geoff Petrie likes shooters. So the team must be last in the league in fouls! And fouls, you know, that's like hitting someone ... sometimes with your fists! So that must mean toughness. Tough dudes foul a lot. And I don't think the Kings are tough, therefore they must never foul. BOOM! I AM FROM NEW YORK! My opinions are more valid and based in reality than facts!

Come on. This is not that f'n hard.

If McNeal can get such a basic fact so wildly wrong (and his editors can't catch it), how are we supposed to believe any of dude's opinions?