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Spencer Hawes & The Rookie/Soph Game


Spencer, it turns out that you may not going home to Washington over the break after all.

Referencing the sage advice of my father – “Son, either strive to be the best that you can be or hang out with a group of people that make you look better by comparison” – Spencer Hawes is the best center that the sophomore class has to offer, unless you want to make the case that Luis Scola and Al Horford are centers. Bottom line, the soph’s are going to need some length to deal with Oden/Gasol/Lopez, so I’m punching Spencer’s ticket. Here’s who will be keeping him company:

Name-Pos.                                Pts.      Rebs.   Blks.

Spencer Hawes – C                   10         6          1

Al Horford - F                            11         9          1

Luis Scola - F                            12         8         

Wilson Chandler - F                   14         5          1

Jeff Green – F                           16         6          1

Al Thornton – F                         17         5          1

Kevin Durant – F                       25         7          1

Yi Jianlian – F                           11         6

                                                Pts.      Asts.    Stls.

Thaddeus Young – G/F              14         5          1

Rodney Stuckey - G                  14         5          1

Ramon Sessions - G                 10         4          1

Aaron Brooks – G                     10         3          1

Now, Spence could get squeezed out if the Soph’s decide to add another guard like C.J. Watson (10/3/1stl.), but another slot could open if Durant makes the West all star squad. And while Yi would be one of my first choices to come off of this board, the NBA is not going to piss of several million Chinese just to make a few thousand Kings’ fans happy.

So it’s going to be close, but Spence and JT could be going to the all star weekend together. Maybe they’ll ride to the airport together in JT’s ‘sclade.