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Game #35: Kings at Nets

How odd that Brad Miller has hit his stride as the Kings roll into the gym of the team against which Miller initially lost his stride. The Nets loss seems to be the point at which most Kings devotees (around here, at least) soured on B-52 to the point of trade pleas.

But Miller's been a beast since ... hmm ... Spencer Hawes went out with an injury to the abdomen. How odd that Miller and Hawes would both struggle so much in the Ivory Towers line-up. I mean, it makes sense: at this point, the players have similar strengths and weaknesses, with a couple important deviations. But it was still odd to see.

The question marks still hang on Beno Udrih like nooses, and Francisco Garcia seems trapped in 2006-07. More than any King, Garcia has actually looked frustrated and bothered and unsettled. The injury after the contract is said to have broken his heart, and the sacking of his mentor couldn't have helped. But Garcia's a man, man, and this cannot stand. He'll bounce back, hopefully soon.

Perhaps this is a discussion for tomorrow, but I'd like to make it known I am personally perfectly OK with Kevin Martin off the bench. Hell, he scored 45 points Saturday, and easily could have had 50 with a couple breaks (a foul call on the travel, a little more patience on the last possession). 46 off the bench. He'll get his shots any time, obviously. And Natt's giving him good minutes. He didn't get to play with Beno any in this model (rather, Beno doesn't get to play with Kevin), but the arrangement doesn't exactly seem broke.

Game's at 4:30PM. Enjoy, and go Kings.