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In case there had been any question as to what went wrong on the final Kings possession:

"Kevin knew that we were down three, and he decided to take the ball to the basket," [Kenny] Natt said. "For whatever reason, we thought that he had some looks but he drew some other guys in and it was just a situation where he just decided to go for the two. … Again, decision-making down the stretch has hurt us, and we have to continue to get better at it."

The only positive result -- because he wasn't looking at Brad Miller in the corner -- could have been an And-1. But Martin's not healthy yet, and he hasn't finished in traffic late in games well in his five games back.

I fail to register bursting anger because the Kings have had equally befuddling crunch time possessions all season. Because it happened at the buzzer during a bad road losing streak, and because it was the star, it will get more attention today. But again: this has happened all season. The team's a bit undisciplined, not terribly focused, and generally bad. Stuff like this is no surprise.

Martin's ball-handling all game long was a bigger downer. Seven of his roughly 30 possessions ended with a turnover. Too many. Brad Miller had three in 18 possessions, Simply brutal from the two top weapons on offense. The shooting and foul-drawing were fantastic, the defense was strong enough ... but turnovers destroyed the offense.

Some of that is the battle between Natt and Beno Udrih, who played less than 30 minutes despite good production. Kevin Martin's not a point guard. Neither is Francisco Garcia. We need Beno to play well, and we need Natt to play him in crunch time. John Salmons isn't exactly setting the world on fire in crunch time.