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Thompson Replaces Moore in Starting Lineup

More good news from Natomas:

Kings rookie Jason Thompson will be given the nod tomorrow to replace Mikki Moore at power forward in the starting lineup. Kings interim coach Kenny Natt said he made the decision after watching Thompson's progress over the last two games.

"It's a great opportunity," Thompson said. "It's not really new to me. I kind of started earlier in the year when I had things going. It's a different position. I will play four rather than three. But, I'm going to just keep doing what I've been doing - give the coach a lot of energy."

And now for some analysis!

Kings offensive rebounding: 25.4% -- 23rd in the league

Kings defensive rebounding: 70.2% -- 29th in the league

Jason Thompson's rebounding: 16.0% -- #1 on team

Mikki Moore's rebounding: 12.1% -- #6 on team

This makes too much sense.


OK. Pete Carril is back. Jason Thompson is starting at power forward.

<waits for new arena to spring from ground>

<waits for Spencer Hawes to debut sky hook>

<waits for Donté Greene's show to get picked up by my58>

<waits for the Brad Miller-for-LeBron trade to be finalized>