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Donté Greene Headed to Reno

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Greene, the 20-year-old rookie small forward out of Syracuse acquired by the Kings in the summer trade with Houston for Ron Artest, hasn't seen the floor in seven of the last eight games and is itching to feel like a basketball player again. [...]

Greene - according to sources close to the team - will depart for the Kings' NBA Developmental League team in Reno on Saturday. Greene's departure may only be for a few games or perhaps longer, but his mere presence on the Bighorns' roster is historical because he is the first Kings player sent to its D-League team.

Minutes listening to Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Pete Carril will be the most important of Greene's year, but getting a little burn -- and confidence -- at the D-League level never hurt a soul. Quincy Douby should have gotten the opportunity two years ago, but there's no sense in fighting old battles. Good luck in Réno, D.G.