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We Have Time: Maloofs Pledge to Not File for Relocation in March

There has been concern about a supposed timeline for arena progress. Last February, when the NBA's John Moag -- who represents the basketball interests in these proceedings -- unveiled the plan for Cal Expo, the Maloofs tossed out a quote that they needed to see real progress within a year. The one-year mark happened to line up with the NBA's deadline for 2010-11 relocation.

But Gavin Maloof told the Sacramento Bee Wednesday that the team will not file for relocation this spring, and will be in Sacramento for the 2010-11 season.

The specific quote Maloof gave is pretty heartening.

Responding to rising fears, team co-owner Gavin Maloof said the team won't file for relocation by the NBA's deadline of March 2010.

"No, no, no. There's no way," Maloof told The Bee Wednesday, waving his arms emphatically. "We love the market. We love our fans. This is the only place we want to be."

Having intently followed the Seattle disaster, in which Clay Bennett talked out of both sides of his mouth, I'll stay tuned. But it's great to see the Maloofs refusing to, at this point, hold the city hostage. Mayor Kevin Johnson is trying to make it seem like the team has one foot out the door, and Gavin's statement surely doesn't do KJ any favors. But it's great for us, the fans, to see that kind of patient dedication.

I encourage a full read of the Bee story. There's still going to be anxiety ahead, but Gavin sounds like a guy dedicated to Sacramento fully. I rarely get excited reading quotes made by a billionaire I barely know. (As opposed to the billionaires I know well.) But this'll do it.

(Between this and the "whew" result of Tyreke Evans's MRI, can I just say that things are coming up Milhouse Kings Fan?)