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Help Us Help Local Kids

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Remember last summer, when you raised a full $1,000 for the Sacramento SPCA? I do, because it was my proudest moment as a blogger, knowing that I helped create a community that, if nothing else, could come together to provide food, bedding, shelter and toys for the transient population of Sacramento cats and dogs.

The target is different this year. SB Nation as a whole as entered the Social Media Challenge, in which SBN competes against various other networks in a fundraising effort for schools around the nation. Bragging rights are at stake, but more importantly, it's a concerted effort to help teachers and schools get the things they need for kids in less than fortunate situations. Teachers submit funding proposals, DonorsChoose vets them, and donors make the requests happen. There is a corporate element, and some foundations (including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) are involved in matching donations on some projects.

There are a lot of Sacramento projects on DonorsChoose, and I handpicked two for the Sactown Royalty community to work on fundraising for. You can find information on those and donate at the Sactown Royalty Giving Page. The Social Media Challenge runs until October 31, but these projects are actually open until funding is met.

Don't expect to be bugged too often. The SPCA experience was really rewarding, and I expect this will be similar. We all know how rough things are right now, but literally every cent helps. You can donate anything for $1 up. If you have a cushion, your help in funding these projects will be very much appreciated.