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Amick: Kings President Talked With San Jose Last Winter

Sam Amick of The Bee pushes today's Kings in San Jose story a step further by relaying an unreported rumor from last February.

The story indicates that there have been discussions in 'recent months' between the Kings and the HP Pavilion folks about a move. None of this shocked me, as I spent a good amount of time in February trying to verify this very information.

It's the reason I took this shot at team president John Thomas, who wouldn't call me back to confirm or deny whether he had been the one making a 'scouting' trip to San Jose to investigate the arena situation down there. I had numerous people telling me that was the case, but didn't go with it because I couldn't get it confirmed on the other end.

So basically, Kings president John Thomas likely participated in a fact-finding mission in San Jose as the team was at its most vulnerable, hemorrhaging money and selling off veterans amid the worst season in team history. Amick goes on to say he believe that considering nothing has moved forward in S.J. or anywhere, Gavin Maloof's assertion that there will be no relocation for 2010-11 was honest.

And while the reasons for the team's attempt to keep the S.J. visit quiet are obvious, boos to Thomas for sneaking around the media when presented with questions. No doubt a February revelation that the team had been talking to San Jose would have been painful, but now the Kings face these questions again heading into a new season, making the owners look like liars for the Sacramento fans. Not the best strategy there, boss.