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Meet Your Three-Guard Lineup

Jason Jones of The Bee has some news from Sunday's practice on how Paul Westphal plans to address the Francisco Garcia injury.

Insert Andres Nocioni as a starter? Nope.

Pray Desmond Mason's back spasms disappear and his body as a whole holds up? Nope.

Put your eggs in the Omri Casspi/Donte Greene basket? Nope.

Stick your three best guards on the floor in the same lineup?


Jones reports Westphal plans to rely heavily on the three-guard lineup of Kevin Martin, Tyreke Evans and Beno Udrih. It wasn't clear if these three will all be starters as the preseason moves on, or if Mason will start but cede heavy minutes to Martin and Evans at the small forward position. But Jones did report that the three guards played together with Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson (the expected frontline starters) at practice Sunday.

According to Cowbell Kingdom's lineup data through two preseason games, the three-guard lineup with Beno, 'Reke and Martin has a total plus-minus of -16. In the second game, the trio was only a -2 when playing together.