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The Importance of Post Effectiveness From Spencer Hawes

Jason Jones of The Bee has a story on Spencer Hawes's summer of weightlifting and the improvements the player himself feels around the basket. The key notes revolve not around some desire to become a single-minded post player, or to develop this move or that move, but that Hawes has been trying to get stronger, so that he can do what he wants to do around the rim. That's really, really key ...

... because Hawes already spends quite a bit of time around the rim: he's just not been particularly effective down there. As I detailed during the offseason, Hawes took 48% of his 2008-09 field goal attempts near the basket. In comparison, Jason Thompson took 53% of his FGAs near the hoop. Hawes's inside share was larger than guys like Amar'e Stoudemire, Tim Duncan and Al Horford -- players seen as post weapons.

The problem for Hawes was that he didn't finish as well as a 7-footer should. His inside shooting percentage was 58.7%, behind the smaller/greener Thompson, and closer to what you'd expect from a tweener forward than a center. Strength will help Hawes finish plays down there. And that will relieve pressure on Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin on the perimeter.