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No Pygmy Goats Harmed As Lakers Beat Kings 98-92 in Vegas

I won't lie: this preseason has been rough.

With no visual evidence to help mold the game experience, my information soaking is so ... weird. I'm not the type to watch a choppy illicit feed, so I didn't see a second of the game. Didn't see Spencer Hawes's blown oop. Or Andrew Bynum beasting it up. Or how Desmond Mason looked.

So I rely those who were there for that. I read Sam Amick or Jason Jones's gamer first thing. Then to the Associated Press. Then the opponent's hometown paper. Then the box score, the play-by-play, the shot chart ... and I'm ready to go.

And I honestly feel like I'm still talking out of my ear. Which is why this preseason I'm focusing more on observations than conclusions.

Kings vs Lakers Coverage Hub | Boxscore

Observation #1. Source: box score. Data: Jason Thompson had 19 points, 14 rebounds (6 offensive). Observation: Jason Thompson is a beast!

Observation #2. Source box score. Data: Tyreke Evans had nine assists and three turnovers on a night in which his teammates shot 44 percent. Observation: Tyreke Evans can pass!

Observation #3. Source: shot chart. Data:


Data, cont'd: Hawes took four 3PA, three 2-point jumpers, and nine "close" shots. He was 2-4 from three (six points on four shots), 1-3 on 2-point jumpers (two points on three shots), and 4-9 on close shots (eight points on nine shots) while also earning four FTAs, presumably on the close shots (adding two more points on effectively two shots). Observation: Spencer Hawes was more effective from beyond the arc than anywhere else.

Observation #4. Source: shot chart. Data: Tyreke Evans took 18 FGAs and two FTAs. Ten of 18 FGAs were two-point jumpers. Evans hit 3-10, for six points on 10 shots, or a 0.60 pts/poss rate. He took one 3PA, and missed it, for zero points on one shot. He took seven close FGAs, hitting three and drawing a foul (1-2 FTA), for seven points on eight possessions, or a 0.875 pts/poss rate. Observation: Tyreke Evans was more effective scoring at the rim than anywhere else. Also, Tyreke Evans takes a lot of long jumpers.

Observation #5. Source: box score. Data: Andres Nocioni scored 13 points on nine shot attempts (4-8 floor, 2-2 FTAs), for a 1.44 pts/poss rate. He also had six rebounds (five defensive), no turnovers, and registered a +8. Observation: Yay for Noce!

Observation #6. Source: box score. Data: Desmond Mason was 1-5 for two points in 17 minutes. He added four assists and three rebounds. Observation: not the best night for the Mason bandwagon.

Observation #7: Source: box score. Data: Omri Casspi scored six points on seven shot attempts (2-6 floor, 2-2 FTAs). Observation: Even angels lose at billiards.

Observation #8. Source: box score. Data: Donte Greene played zero minutes. Observation: Donte's bandwagon can be found sliding down Donner Summit.

Observation #9. Source: box score. Kenny Thomas, Sean May and Jon Brockman split 12 minutes. Thomas got the biggest share. Observation: Coffee cools down more quickly when you add an ice cube.