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Donte Greene's Prescribed Niche: Defensive Stopper

In one of the videos from Thursday's media availability, Andrew Nicholson asks coach Paul Westphal about Donte Greene's development. Iron Lungs Westphal thankfully goes into his current thinking on Té. Here's the transcribed quote of interest.

We're trying to find out the best way to utilize him. I think he's working hard on his defense, and he can guard a lot of people potentially. I think he's going to have to make a niche for himself as a defensive stopper who can score a little. That's a new mentality for him. He's not going to be a primary offensive option, but he can earn himself some playing time by being a player who can be relied upon to guard people. That's what we're trying to have him focus on.

That really is a new mentality for Donté ... though this isn't the first time we've heard Westphal say that Greene's future in the NBA is on defense. He said it at the start of Summer League. I figured five games in Vegas plus a week of watching informal work-outs and two days of full-on practices and scrimmages would make Westphal change his mind.

I'm glad he hasn't. Greene overflows with energy, athleticism and length. Add defensive skills, and you could very well have a stopper. I look forward to seeing the new Donté in action next week.