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The View From Section 214, 10/23 - Fact Or Fiction?


Rantdumb musings from tonight’s game

Fact: The Kings outscored the Jazz 51-47 in the 2nd half of tonight’s game while missing 2,123 free throws.

Fiction (though not by much): Spencer Hawes missed 2,108 of those free throws.

Fact: Tyreke Evans more than held his own against one of the best point guards in the league (21 points on 57% true shooting percentage, 5 boards, 5 assists, 3 steals, a blocked shot, and 7 turnovers. Deron Williams is a stone-cold competitor, but at times it looked like he was not having a lot of fun dealing with the long and physical Evans.

Fiction: Kosta Koufos is 20 years old. The bald spot on his head is 45.

Fact: Jason Thompson has left Spencer Hawes in the development rear-view mirror. It is now up to Spencer to show his mettle and establish himself as an important part of the future of this team. This is a little harsh considering the regular season has not started yet, but the body language that I saw tonight was that of an unsure player. On the other hand, Desmond Mason missed 28 shots tonight and never looked shaken.

Fact: Desmond Mason’s shooting range is 3" and in...when he's hot...which has not happened yet.

Fiction: Beno Udrih has found his niche on this team.

Fact: Donté Greene is a 2. This is according to Truck Robinson, who did a pregame Q & A with some season ticket holders. When asked if Greene was a 3 or a 4, Truck answered, "We’re going to play him at the 2." Interesting.

Fact: When Donté jacks an ill-advised 3, Paul Westphal jacks Donté Greene.

Fiction: If you’re Jewish, you can freely make Jewish jokes in public. After the Kings clanked free throw after free throw, Omri Casspi drained a pair. I turned to my buddy and said, "Of course Casspi made them – they’re free!" The lady sitting behind us was very offended. Fortunately for me, she was more offended by the two hot women that locked lips during the "Kiss Cam" segment (Slamson also dry humped a security guard – the game should have been broadcast on Cinemax).

Fact: Chickens make lousy house pets. The same may also be true about Kyrylo Fesenko.

Fact: The Kings were not ready for the physical play of the Jazz, but they adapted to it and actually became the more physical of the two teams as the game progressed (Jon Brockman, hello!). These are not your grandfather’s Sacramento Kings. Brockman, Casspi, Noc, Evans, JT – these guys can dish it at least as well as they take it. The Kings actually outrebounded the Jazz. Again, for emphasis. The Kings won the rebounding battle tonight, thanks to 6 different guys grabbing at least 5 boards each.

Conjecture: If this team starts the season healthy (Garcia notwithstanding), you may have seen the last of the significant minutes for Greene, Rodriguez and Brockman, at least for awhile. JT/May/Hawes/Noc are your up front minutes, Mason/Martin/Casspi have the wings covered (plus a little from Evans), and Evans and Udrih get the minutes at the point. Greene, Rodriguez and Brockman may draw specific assignments on specific nights, but that’s about it.

Fact: It's going to be frustrating rooting for this team at times this year, but it will always be worthwhile. I sense no surrender in this squad. They look as if they will fight until the fight is done. Bring on the regular season!