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NBA Opening Tip (Televised): Celtics At Cavs, Clips At L*kers - Open Thread!


...and they have crafted a team that will not be in last place at the end of the evening.

I figured that there might be some basketball fans out there that might  like to thread along during tonight's televised season openers. The Celtics visit the Cavaliers, 4:30 PM (Pacific) starting time on TNT. The Clippers "visit" the L*kers at 7:30 PM, also on TNT.

Two other games on the schedule tonight - The Wizards at the Mavs and the Rockets at the Blazers. This means that by around 10 PM tonight, the Kings will be tied for the 5th best record in the league. Take that, doubters!

Pregame thread starter - Which former King will you be pulling for tonight: Eddie House(Bos), Shelden Williams(Bos), Brian Skinner(LAC), or Ron Artest(LAL)?