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Preview: Kings Season Opener at Oklahoma City

Fun Fact of the Day:  The Kings are currently undefeated.

We don't know how long that fact will remain true, but this is where we begin this season's journey.  Every game matters, but the first game of the season just always feels so...big.

This is where potential meets reality.  This is where we see Tyreke Evans on the main stage.  This is where we see what JT has truly become.  This is where we see Westphal's campaign towards redemption.

If you were looking for the perfect opening game to start the season for the Kings, this would be it.  It's by no means a guaranteed victory.  After a 17-win season, no match-up really is.  But it's a match-up that will be exciting.  The Kings have a legit shot at a win. 

Above all, I think we can all get excited that we can actually get excited about this game.  The team has a competitiveness and fire it has lacked in recent years.  We can watch some good basketball again.

The Kings

Kevin Martin will play.  Tyreke Evans will play.  Donté Greene probably won't, or if he does he will have limited minutes.  Expect to see an 8- or 9-man rotation. You will be frustrated at times, you'll be excited at times.  Sometimes you might be both at the same time.  Enjoy the ride.

Right now we have more questions than answers.  Tonight that balance will begin to shift.

The Thunder

You might have heard of this cat named Durant.  If the Kings shut him out, go ahead and chalk that up as a bit of a defensive victory. 

The Thunder, like the Kings, are a young, up-and-coming team.  Coming off a 23-win season, the Thunder are faced with some lofty expectations.  Some have even predicted a trip to the playoffs.

Ideas I Stole From Section214's Desk

The coaching match-up should be intriguing.  Brooks moved Durant from the 2 to the 3 and turned around the franchise.  As simple a move as it was brilliant.  Watching Brooks and Westphal work the match-ups should be an interesting early test for Westphal.

Evans vs. Westbrook should be an interesting match-up.  Westbrook struggled to contain Evans in the preseason, hopefully we'll see more of the same.

The Thunder front court of Krstic, Thomas, Collison (with a little Green at the 4) should be a friendlier match-up for the Kings front court than some other opponents we'll see this season.

Seriously, Not Joking

I stole all of that from Section, I just reworded it.


5pm Pacific


The Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Why Should You Watch:

Are you kidding me?  It's the first game of the season, and it will actually be televised!


Game will be televised on Comcast Sports Net.  Game threads will be up.  Go Kings.