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Boos All Around for Kings TV Situation

I really don't enjoy complaining about my Kings television experience -- after all, some cities don't even get all its team's game on broadcast/cable TV. We have been lucky in the regard that all but a couple Kings games have been aired locally in Sacramento over the past decade.

That usually includes preseason. Until this year, as Sam Amick reports. No Kings preseason games will be televised locally because of the costs involved.

The Kings have done a good job reaching out to fans all summer, making us -- the hardcore devotees -- a bigger part of the franchise's rebound. There's been a ton of video, great access, and lots of billing about the pending excitement of the new, new core. And now, just when we're ready to jump into another season, we get to read about seven preseason games instead of watching them. (Unless you go to the gym, for the few local preseason games, which by the way will cost you the same as a regular season game -- no breaks on ticket prices, parking, concessions, nothing. And you might not, of course, get the stars. For either team. Because it's preseason.) I have no way of getting to the Portland game Tuesday. That's not worth broadcasting to the loyal fans down in Sacramento? The first chance to see Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi? Really?

Further, News10 has ditched the Kings, putting out the equivalent of a press release on the matter. This matters less -- the regular season will be broadcast on Comcast SportsNet, which is better fans since we get a pregame and postgame show -- but it still sucks. News10 is more lucrative for the team, and I'm sure the several News10 games we're used to getting helps the Kings' revenue ledger. But since the team has bottomed out, News10 escapes its relationship. Sure, it's all business. I'm not that naive. But it's still depressing that no broadcast affiliate in this town will air the region's only professional sports team.