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Preview: Kings at Hornets

Before we get to the preview for your Sacramento Kings versus the New Orleans Hornets, I think I must first make an important public service announcement regarding the season opener:


We've been through one game.  It did not go how we had hoped it might.  But it was one game.  This game is the second game.  After this, we have 80 more.  You'd think we be able to handle a loss a little better after we all endured last season, but apparently we still need to talk a few folks away from the edge.

Let me say that this will still be a long season for us as fans of this franchise.  We'll enjoy the highs, we'll look for silver linings in our losses.  Just remember that we cannot live and die with each win or loss.  All signs point to the idea that we will experience more losses than wins this season.  Look for small victories where we can.

Along those lines, was anybody not a little bit inspired with the way Casspi played last night?  Look for those little things.  Those are the aspects of the game that we can enjoy, even in tough losses.  

All that being said, yesterday's recap thread was incredible.  Great discussion all around.  Kudos to everyone.  That's the sort of thing that makes me proud to be a member of this site.  

Now, on to the preview of tonight's game.

Opening Thought

This should be a compelling match-up.  Both teams are on pace to end the season 0-82.  But after this game, one team will be on pace to go 41-41.  I'm no mathematician, but that seems like a sweet deal.

Thoughts I Stole From Section214

Section was once again kind enough to leave his notepad out on his desk.  Ya'll know how much I enjoy stealing things, so here it goes...

Tonight's coaching match-up will be a showdown between what is and what might have been.  Byron Scott's name was bantered about during this summer's coaching search.  Considering he was still under contract to New Orleans at the time, you've got to imagine that his seat might be feeling a bit warm if they end up 0-82.  Scott should hope they end up on pace for 41-41.

Former King Peja Stojakovic is now coming off the bench for the Hornets.  As Section noted, this is a bench that scored only 20 points and collected only 9 rebounds in 95 minutes against the Spurs.  For all the criticism that has been heaped upon Geoff Petrie in regards to overpaying players, I think we should recognize that Petrie successfully unloaded Peja, got assets in return, and didn't overpay. 

Speaking of which, interesting to note that Peja is joined on the Hornets by former Kings Darius Songalia, Ike Diogu and Bobby Brown.  Ah, memories.

Section214's match-up to watch:  Spencer Hawes vs. Julian Wright.  Although we probably won't see them face off head to head, recall that Wright was on the board when the Kings drafted Hawes.  Take a gander, see what we might have ended up with instead, and make of it what you will. 


Tyreke Evans' debut was less than stellar.  Whatever the cause, a match-up against Chris Paul is a less than ideal second test.  CP3 will make Evans look bad at various points throughout the game.  Try to recall the context when lambasting our rookie.  If Bobby Brown makes Evans look horrible, you may throw the context in my face as you lambast the rookie.

In the preview for the season opener I mentioned that the frontcourt for the Thunder would be kinder to the Kings than most match-ups this season.  I don't think the statement was wrong, I think it just shows us the state of our current frontcourt.  It is...less than good.  Facing Emeke Okafor and David West will probably demonstrate this to us again. 

The Kings lack of frontcourt depth is rivaled by the Hornets, who bring Songalia and Hilton Armstrong off the bench.  Our best hope is that Okafor and West, the untalented defenders that they are, resort to a hack-a-Sean-May defense early and often.

Diogu could also potentially come off the bench, but since this is the second game of the season and not the last 2 games of the season, we should be ok.


For Your Added Entertainment

Mr. Section214 also devised a fun game for your viewing pleasure.  He suggests picking when you believe the following events happen.  I also believe that this could be a hell of a drinking game if you don't particularly feel like being conscious for the second half.

Pick the time in the game that the following will happen –

Sean May gets his first rebound of the season.

Tyreke Evans shoots a layup.

Tyreke Evans makes a layup.

Jason Thompson gets called for his first foul.

Jason Thompson actually commits his first foul.

Spencer Hawes enters the game.

Spencer Hawes pisses off someone within the game thread.

Kevin Martin draws his first foul.

Andres Nocioni draws his first blood.

We make our first basket.

We call our first timeout.

Emeka Okafor and David West are officially inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Omri Casspi and James Posey square off.

Mario Elie and Byron Scott square off.

The Details, in Which I'm Told The Devil Is In

Game is at 5:05 PM PDT.  Televised coverage on Comcast Sports Net.  Go Kings!