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Open Game Thread: Blazers at Kings, Preseason Game 2

Questions to ponder: how does public address announcer Scott Moak prepare for the first preseason game of the season? Does he hold a personal training camp for himself? I mean, it has to be difficult to simulate real game action for a PA announcer. Does he announce NBA 2K10 games at the Moak household? Does he have a PA announcing coach who puts him through exclamation drills? I ponder these questions.

The tip-off will happen just after 7PM Pacific. No television broadcast anywhere, so there will be no illicit Internet streams, so don't ask. Keep it rather clean (as opposed to yesterday, when you were charged to "keep it relatively clean.") RATHER CLEAN!, jackals. And due to the popularity of the Game Threads, for performance reasons please refrain from posting images in the thread.

Go Kings.