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Tyreke Evans: Already Drawing Awes, Dropping Jaws

The respected Wendell Maxey has a lovely write-up of Sacramento's Tyreke Evans on SLAM's website.

A 6-6, 225-pound point guard, Evans should hold his own against both small and big guards alike around the League. Just ask Steve Blake and Andre Miller. They’ve surely seen enough of Evans for a while.

Seen enough of his quick drives.

Seen enough of his handle.

Seen enough of his soft jumper.

Maxey goes on to quote 'Reke and paraphrase the coaching staff regarding Evans's defense. It's a nice piece of respect from a non-local writer, which really serves to remind me how rare respect from non-local writers has been of late. Kevin Martin's been great but underappreciated nationally the last few years. For some reason, it doesn't seem like Evans will be underappreciated. And that excites me almost as much as 'Reke's game.