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How Francisco Garcia Broke His Arm: The Exercise Ball Popped

No, seriously. Francisco Garcia broke his arm when the exercise ball he was laying on while lifting hand weights popped. From the Kings' twitter:

Cisco was performing routine workout w/ spotter when physioball malfunctioned.

This is a physioball:

(Photo removed.)

This is how it malfunctions:

What would Francisco Garcia be doing lifting weights on an exercise ball? It's a core part of the official Kings work-out, as you can see in this 2006 video.

Before I knew the circumstances of the accident, I contacted noted injury expert Will Carroll (most notably of Baseball Prospectus) to find out how common weightlifting-related injuries are among athletes.

Really uncommon. There are the occasional accidents, like Stefon Johnson (ow!) but very uncommon.

Last spring, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 3 million exercise balls manufactured by EB Brands based on 47 reports of unexpected explosions. I have no idea what brand the Kings use.

The Kings Twitter feed also paraphrased Geoff Petrie as saying Garcia will be out for a significant period of time.

UPDATE: Sam Amick has video comments from Petrie.