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Four Factors Through Three Games

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I thought it'd be worth checking out how the Kings figure in the general offensive and defensive categories through the early going.


Overall: 20th -- 101.1 points per 100 possessions, 4.4 points worse than league average.

Shooting: 25th -- .438 eFG%. Current league average is .491. God, I hope this improves.

Turnover rate: 14th -- 13.4%. League average is currently 14.1%. Expect league average to improve, and the Kings' mark to get worse as the big men come back to Earth.

Offensive rebounding: 4th -- 31.4%. League average is 25.8%. Credit Jason Thompson and Jon Brockman with this. I have no idea if the Kings can keep it up. The team was in the league's bottom third in this category last season.

Free throw rate: 21st -- .229 FTM/FGA. The Kings finished 5th in the league last year. The N.O. game (one FTA for JT and Kevin Martin combined) really skews this, I think. The team should finish top 10, barring catastrophic injury.


Overall: 30th -- 114.8 points per 100 possessions. Surprise!

Shooting defense: 29th -- .563 eFG%. Again, league average is .491. Guh. The Warriors are the only team worse.

Opponent turnover rate: 14th -- 14.1%. If you had told me the Kings would force more turnovers than they'd make during any span of this season -- even through one quarter of play -- I would have accused you of insanity. But there it is: the Kings force more turnovers than they give up. I have no idea how this is happening, although somehow the data says the Kings have 23 steals through three games. I must have missed all but the floor-burn Tyreke Evans one.

Defensive rebounding: 11th -- 76.4%. I can't imagine this will last. I expect a low 20s finish. Big ups to Brockman, Spencer Hawes and ... Desmond Mason on the defensive glass early on.

Opponent free throw rate: 20th -- .274 oFTM/oFGA.


In conclusion: offense mediocre, defense atrocious. The Kings are still giving up too many open threes and too many easy layups while taking too many tough shots. But the rebounding has been much better and the turnover situation has been surprisingly good. We'll see how it plays out.