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Former Kings Scout Jack Mai Banned From NBA For Gambling

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Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting via Twitter that the NBA has banned former Kings assistant scouting director Jack Mai after a year-long investigation revealed that Mai bet on NBA games, including ones involving the Kings. Woj says they were small bets with acquaintances, and that Mai didn't use his position to influence any games. But obviously, um, still bad.

Mai also claims he resigned from the team -- the team is now apparently telling people they fired him. Last year, when it went down midseason, Sam Amick reported it as "an abrupt resignation."

I asked Geoff Petrie about the contraction of the scouting staff in September. He indicated that the scouting department cuts were a part of general cost-cutting.

UPDATE: Woj reports the investigation began with accusations that Mai used his position to broker deals for NBA player appearances and for equipment with teams in China and Korea. So, basically, the allegation is that he traded on his job title to make some side cash.

UPDATE 2: The Kings have released a statement. I posted it in full after the jump.

Today we were informed by the NBA that it has concluded its investigation with respect to the activities of one of our former employees, Jack Mai.  The investigation revealed that Mr. Mai participated in improper wagering activities while a member of this organization. Mr. Mai’s employment with the Kings was terminated in January 2009.   Mr. Mai has now been disqualified from further association with the NBA or any of its teams.  We take this matter very seriously, and we fully cooperated with the NBA’s investigation.