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Kings Blow Out Knicks 111-97, Donte Greene Makes Case for Hall of Fame

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Since the 1986-87 season, only three players have registered six block and six made threes in a single game: Raef LaFrentz (twice), Robert Horry ... and Donte Greene. Tonight, against the Knicks. The Show added five assists, four rebounds and a steal for good measure, and finished with 24 points on 13 shots. The entire Sacramento team played well, but this was Donte's night.

Tyreke Evans's 20-point streak ended at seven. Instead, he pulled together a 19-11-7 night. (Not bad, rook.) 'Reke's jumper was very clearly off -- he had two airballs and another with barely hit the front iron -- but he still managed to get a point for every FG attempted. Not the most efficient scoring effort, but one hell of an all-around game. (He also led both teams in plus-minus, at +23. You don't need to play superlative defense to limit Chris Duhon to 2-8 shooting, but Evans did. He also switched on to Nate Robinson in the third quarter; Robinson shot 2-5 that quarter, after going 6-8 in the first half.)

Spencer Hawes and Andres Nocioni had fantastic first quarters ... and neither played a ton beyond that. Hawes played only six minutes in the second half, making way for extended minutes for Jon Brockman, who handled business (six points, nine rebounds, one near concussion for David Lee). Lee had a pretty potent first quarter and first half of the third quarter against Hawes (though Spencer was more potent), and honestly Brockman didn't do tons better. But in a blow-out in which Hawes had his game going and his confidence high, there's no harm in letting Mancakes stretch the old forearms. He's a real joy to watch, and while that has something to do with muted expectations, there's something to be said for constant violence after two decades of relatively straightlaced Kings basketball.

Omri Casspi is 8th among rookies in per-game scoring, 10th in per-game rebounding, 3rd in effective field goal percentage (minimum 100 minutes played), 4th in True Shooting percentage and 14th in PER, above players like Jonny Flynn, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan and Earl Clark. Omri Casspi is good.

Jason Thompson had another rough shooting night, but an exemplary effort on the boards. Three offensive boards in 25 minutes, considering how well the Kings shot, is no small matter. Also, while he got into foul trouble, he did not scream at the referees, except for once, which is an improvement.

Unfortunately, the Nets lost in Portland, so the Kings have some added pressure heading into Friday's game. In case you have forgotten, the Kings gave those awful 1998-99 Clippers -- who started 0-17 -- their first win. During the 1988-89 Miami Heat's 0-17 start, the closest game was against the Kings, a 96-94 Sacramento win to send Miami to 0-14. So, um, gulp.