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Sactown Royalty At ARCO Arena - The Event!

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(Use of Simpsons characters for post - check)

You asked for it, and we listened. Actually, Tom ignored you, G used the "I live out of state" excuse, and rbiegler has not been heard from since his date with Matt Snell's daughter (use of old and random non-reference - check). But I listened. Kind of. If you forget about the fact that I was no help as it pertained to the Wizards game. And I pretty much ignored everyone's input. And I commandeered seats in section 214 so that I can park in my usual and familiar area. So we kind of listened. A little. But not really.

Sactown Royalty will represent when its members attend the Sacramento Kings - Denver Nuggets game on Monday, December 28, 2009 at ARCO Arena, tip-off shortly after 7 PM. Here are the details of this seminal moment in our blog's history (use of the word seminal - check):

We have 87 85 (I just booked mine, suckers!) seats blocked out in sections 214 and 215. If this grows beyond that we should be able to expand into 213 and 216, which is still sideline view.

These seats are regularly priced at $40.50, marked down to $25.50 for the group, a savings of $15 per seat! There will also be an opportunity for a group photo on the court immediately after the game (we meet on the concourse right after the game at section 114/115). There are limited perks for each game, and due to our late booking this was the best (read: only) remaining perk. Should this evening prove to be a success we can target the 3/19 Bucks game as the next event, and our forward booking may net us enhanced graft. That being said, I am a little jazzed over the idea of hanging a photo of you clowns right below my favorite photo of all time (use of greatest photo of all time - check).

How do you get your grubby little mitts on these prime ducats? It's as easy as 'Reke. First, you will click on the Sactown Royalty Group Outing Link, which I will provide in a moment. The special group code is "str." From there, you will need to create an account (takes less than a minute), then you select your seats, then you pay, then you print your confirmation. Your tickets will be emailed to the email address that you provide. You'll be done before you can say, "How is Omri's 3 point percentage higher than his free throw percentage?"

The opportunity to purchase will be open for one week, but the faster you buy, the (a) better seats you get, and (b) the faster we know if we need to expand into section 213 and 216.  OK, here's the link - Group Outing - CLICK HERE!

Should you experience any difficulty or if you have any questions, feel free to contract my ticket representative. Desirée Paxton (that's right and I swear to God - Desirée  is the original "extra é") at 928-3642.

Last but not least, I had to put down a $200 deposit on these seats, so if you douche nuggets turn tail and run out on me I will hunt you down and kill you (use of hollow and needless threat - check). Remember, if we don't turn out in large masses, Peaches wins (use of always effective motivational tool - check).

Sactown Royalty at ARCO Arena. It's about the Kings. It's about us. It's about time.

Let's do this.