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Sactown Royalty At ARCO Arena - The Progress Report


"Which one of you nuts has got any guts?" section8 leads his minions out of the bar and to their seats just prior to the start of the Kings-Nuggets game on 12/28.

32 seats have been sold as of this afternoon. The good news is that I get my seat deposit back. The bad news is that I crowed that we could fill at least 50 seats based on the polls that you lying bastards participated in.

Come on, people. Don't you remember how J.R. Smith dissed us last year when he was hotter than a $2 pistol and raining 3's all over us? Don't you loathe Kenyon Martin? Wouldn't you like to be there in person to watch Andres Nocioni annoy the hell out of Carmelo Anthony, to watch Sergio Rodriguez outplay Ty Lawson off the bench? to watch Tyreke Evans and Chauncey Billups trade paint?

You only have a few more days to book your tickets. The linkage and the instructions can be found in the original post, which you can link to here. Vote early and vote often.

So are you coming? Or are you yellow? (Note - threat of being called yellow applies only to local residents.)

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - Payday must have struck, as we are now approaching 50 tickets sold.