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Housekeeping Note - Flagging Comments

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Real quick note here regarding flagging comments (as opposed to responding to them). I have been incredibly impressed with the overall quality of the comments and commentary here as the site continues to grow and grow, That said, there are always going to be a few folks who are going to miss the mark when it comes to the basic premise of this site.

During the Portland game, we were joined by bloggers from Blazers Edge. And all but one of them brought a ton to the party. The sole failure came from an individual that had no interest in discussing the Kings/Blazers game, and he/she was summarily dispatched.

We also had one of our own members make politically charged statements during involving the middle east and the conflicts there. As interesting of a topic as this may be, it has been proven over and over again that politically-based conversation on this basketball site winds up as an epic failure. As a result, I have gone back and removed those comments. It is important to note that when a comment is removed, so are any attached replies to said comment. So if you notice that some of your comments have been removed and you have received no warning about it, that is why.

Up until this year, it was very easy for TZ and me to review and flag comments. But as this site continues to grow, it becomes more and more challenging to police the threads. You all would be doing us (and the quality of this site) a big favor if you would simply flag a comment for being inappropriate or spam. This will make it a little easier for TZ and me to review the potentially offending comments and respond accordingly.

Now, please don't flag something just because you do not agree with it. I personally think that it is insane for someone to espouse that free throws should not count when factoring true shooting percentage, but I will defend that person's right to state it, as well as the right for another person to defend it or refute it. But if you come across something with an agenda that is other than discussing the Kings and basketball in general, perhaps it should be flagged. I'm not looking for overkill (for example, if someone flags 27freethrows' charity fund drive as being non-related, that someone would earn an instant classification of "douche"). What I am looking for is to keep the threads within the general realm of the original topic, and to keep the site as troll-free as possible. That said, the best thing about this site is the broad range of thought and creativity, and we do not wish to stifle that one bit. Just take a common sense approach (understanding that "common sense" is a very broad term to a Kings fan).

99% of you have helped to build this site into something amazing, and Tom and I are extremely grateful for your interest, your input, your effort and your passion. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I'm sorry that I lied about it being a "quick note."