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This Madness Must Stop

I cannot claim to know the struggles of national sportswriters.  I can't imagine the struggles of attempting to cover the entire NBA, let alone trying to cover several sports at the same time.  When we read national sportswriters making a downright stupid claim, we must realize their limitations.  Sadly, we would hope they might realize these same limitations, but they rarely do.  As such we must take it upon ourselves to enlighten those who wander aimlessly in the dark.

The latest trend seems to be the notion that Kevin Martin will not be able to play with Tyreke Evans.  Bill Simmons has recently jumped on this trend.  These thoughts have even infiltrated the fanposts here at StR.  This must stop, and it must stop now. 

A lot of what I'm about to say has been mentioned before.  But it apparently is not sinking in.

You obviously know which direction of this debate I support, but if you believe the two cannot play together I ask that you consider the following information with open mind.  My goal is to remove any doubt that they will work together.

Consider the following:  How would you build a basketball team around Evans? 

He is best as a high usage player, somebody who should have the ball in his hands.  He creates off the dribble.  Despite the presumptions of those who haven't watched him play recently, he also has a knack for getting the ball to teammates (and he's 20 years old, he'll get better).  Ideally, you'd want teammates who don't need the ball in their hands. Evans needs teammates who are opportunistic

Preferably you'd want someone who is deadly 3-point shooter so Evans can kick out and punish defenses for collapsing on him.  You'd want someone exactly like Kevin Martin.  It's been detailed here before, but if you doubt that Martin can get points without being a number one option, please go back and look at stats from when Artest was on the team.  Please.  I beg you.

I'm not going to bother with the "Tyreke is not a point guard" argument.  I'm tired of it.  All I ask is that we look beyond position titles and look at how two players can compliment each other on a basketball court.  I don't care if Tim Duncan wants to be called a power forward instead of a center, I care that he's a dominant big man.  I don't care what you want to call Evans.  A 1 or a 2, he's still an amazing basketball player whose skill set happens to mesh perfectly with the skill set of Kevin Martin.  It will win basketball games.

Happy holidays.