Kings should (obviously) trade Tyreke Evans

The Kings have played 3 very solid NBA Playoff teams in their last three games. Now I read a lot about the NBA and I am learning how these experts draw conclusions and I am using this new found analytical thinking to draw my own opinions/conclusions. In this 3 game stretch, the Kings had Tyreke Evans for the first two games. The result: 2 losses. Then Tyreke sits out a game with an injured ankle and the Kings take down Carmelo and the Nuggets. My new found analytical thinking brings me to this conclusion: The kings are clearly better without Tyreke Evans and should explore trade opportunities for him. In fact, let me be the first to say 'don't be surprised if the Kings explore trade opportunities for Tyreke Evans’. Ziller did a great job explaining how well Nocioni played in his recap of the Kings-Nugs game - clearly his best game a King - maybe his best ever? Conclusion: Andres clearly cannot play with Tyreke Evans and we should trade Tyreke in order to bring out the most in Nocioni.

Sorry, I promise the points below will have much less sarcasm and hopefully will prove to be more rational than the paragraph above. Furthermore, I apologize for using a cheap title in order to sucker you into reading my 'fanpost'. I personally had to make this argument given the annoying amount of 'experts' that seem to believe that Kevin Martin and Tyreke are not capable of playing next to each other. I know it's been covered on this site many times before, but how can you call yourself an expert if you are claiming this? What is the basis? You're telling me that two players with this level of talent cannot find a way to play well together? You're telling me based on their first 5 games together, which coincidentally happened to be Tyreke's first 5 games as an NBA player, is a large enough sample size to show these two cannot play well together? Is it not possible that through 5 games in the NBA, our man child had not found his footing? Is it possible that in a brand new system, under a brand-new coach, this team that had 3 starters that were not on the team the prior year, did not quite have it figured out yet? Obviously the 1-4 start cannot be attributed to the fact that Sean May and Desmond Mason, neither of whom seems to have any role on the team now (being that one was cut and the other plays Donte’s role from last year), were both in the starting lineup next to Tyreke and Kevin for those 5 games. It would be crazy to think that players of the caliber of Mason and May would be the cause of a rough start.

Let’s talk some real analysis. First, what is Kevin Martin good at? The answer is clearly that he is capable of being the most efficient scorer in the world of basketball. Now, how do you define efficient? The simplest answer, in my opinion, is scoring a lot of points in a small amount of shots. Now, why would we want to let Kevin Martin get back to doing what he does best when we have the opportunity to trade him for a bunch of expiring garbage? Sorry, I said there would be less sarcasm. Let us use 2006 as an example. Why 2006? Because it’s a full year – 82 games, rather than 5. In this year, Kevin Martin scored 20ppg on 13 shots per game. Bibby took 14 shots per game that year and Artest took 15 shots a game that year. Kevin Martin, statistically, was option #3 in 2006. Yet he scored over 20ppg. Why would anyone believe this man cannot play next to another great scorer, who happens to be a bit of a volume shooter (16 shots per game so far this year)? Has he not proven this in the past? Is he not a fantastic 2nd option? Has he not shown the willingness to be a#2 option? Kevin Martin does not have a big ego. He doesn’t need to be the man. He took a modest, even below-market-value, salary to play for a small market team that was clearly headed in the wrong direction at the time he signed.

Also, it has become clear that towards the end of a close game, against a good team, the Kings need to find something else to run besides an isolation for Tyreke. Soon, he will figure out how to score on these plays at a high percentage against any defender in the league. However, as of now, against top defenders, this isn’t working as well as we would all like it to. Now tell me how having Kevin Martin on the court with Tyreke Evans, at the end of a close game, would possibly make Tyreke worse as a player? What is Tyreke’s best strength? Getting into the lane and scoring at the rim. What clears up the lane? Good 3 point shooting and spacing. Does Kevin Martin shoot well from 3 point land? Kevin Martin shoots well from wherever Kevin Martin choices to shoot from.

Enough already. Time will tell if we Kings fans are correct in believing that these two will thrive next to each other.

Then there is the point about Tyreke not being a point guard. Where are they getting this? Did I fail to notice a position change? Yes, Kevin Martin got hurt. Yes, Beno got more minutes. But anyone watching knows that Tyreke has been playing point guard. He handles the ball more than any other player. These fantastic stats that are giving him so much hype for ROY have been at the PG position. Bill Simmons clinging to the fact that Tyreke is not a point guard only shows he is a proud guy that does not watch Kings games. Is he a prototypical point guard? No. You can leave it at that, NBA experts. We, who watch, know what Tyreke is. He is a basketball player that likes the ball in his hands, can score, and can create for his teammates. Please stop making the useless argument that he is not a point guard.

Ok, moving on. Thought #3. Beno is not a true point guard either. What is the difference with Beno this year? He is not being asked to run the team. He is being asked to be a spark off the bench. He has a fantastic pull-up midrange game that allows him to create for others. He makes a few pull-up jumpers and help defense starts to come, at which point he can find his open teammates. Paul Westphal has found what Beno is good at – scoring first, passing once you effectively started scoring - if help defense doesn’t come, just keep scoring.

Thought #4. When Kevin returns, it will become important for Donte Greene to improve at rebounding in order to play the 4 position. Donte is playing too well to reduce his minutes. I assume that either he or Omri will become the starting 3 when Kevin returns and I assume Omri’s minutes will not drop (he’s the man). Donte needs to be on the court both for the success of the Kings as well as for his own improvement. His versatility will hopefully allow for his minutes to stay about where they currently are. I propose that these minutes, being that the reserve 2 and 3 positions are backlogged with Beno, Nocioni and eventually Garcia, would best come for Donte as the first backup big off the bench. When JT or Spence needs a break, the other plays center and Donte plays the 4. In fact, for specific matchups I could even see the starting lineup being Omri at SF, Donte at PF and JT at C, with Beno, Spencer and Nocioni coming off the bench. The amazing thing about our concern at the beginning of the year (who is our small forward?) has led to Petrie acquiring/developing a very versatile group of guys that can play a lot of different positions and give opponents many different looks.

Lastly, I am curious, even concerned, as to who will see a reduction in minutes when Martin and Garcia get back. See the poll below.

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