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Sactown Royalty Night At ARCO Arena - The Peach-quel (copyright Aykis16, 2009)


Sactown Royalty members pose after the 12/28 game vs. Denver. Notables include Ed (with antenna), pookey (large guy to the left of Krusty the Clown) and section214 (having crotch sniffed by dog).

First things first. I'm still waiting for the real group photo that was taken after the game (though I'm guessing that the portrait shown above is going to come pretty darn close to the real thing).

Second, the evening was a huge success. 87 StR members, representing and loud. The Peaches chants were nice, but the spontaneous barking when Kenny Thomas entered the game almost had me in tears - I'm so proud of you guys!

The thing that I really enjoyed about the game was the corner bar vibe that I felt while sitting amongst the StR degenerates faithful. I have to admit, part of me anticipated showing up to the game, looking at all of you, and thinking to myself "Darwin was wrong." But I was pleased to find out that Kings' geeks differ from your standard internet geek in that they look, sound and (thankfully) smell almost normal.

Some brief musings from the evening -

The fact that coolcat has re-produced was at first disconcerting, but I later learned that the kid was in fact a rented child actor, and that he will have the lead in this summer's release of "The Bad News Bears go to Transylvania - Blue Moon Odom."

Muff209 and Chris the Greek are indeed two different people. When we went down to the floor for the photo after the game, Muff and Kayte's eyes met and they shared a moment. Also, Greek and Fat Lever's eyes met and they shared a moment.

Carl's "avatar" is actually Carl.

I could go on (oh, you know how I could go on), but I want to get to the exciting(?) news - There will be a 2nd Sactown Royalty night at ARCO Arena. Thanks to Aykis16, it will be known as "Sactown Royalty Night At ARCO Arena - The Peach-quel." We're looking at Friday, March 19th, vs. the Milwaukee Bucks ('Reke vs. Jennings, part deux), or Saturday, April 3rd vs. the Portland Trailblazers (I would be unable to attend that game but I'm sure that we could arrange for someone else to be "perks" figurehead at the event). We will shoot for the same seats - 2nd deck halfcourt view in sections 214 and 215, $25.50 per seat. We will probably put these out for sale further in advance (say, during late January or early February), as this may secure us an even better perk than the group photo.

Poll attached to gauge interest. Please vote that you are going to attend only if you plan to attend.

Sactown Royalty Night At ARCO Arena - The Peach-quel. So it shall be written. So it shall be done.