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Sactown Royalty Night at ARCO Arena?

Golden State of Mind is having its eighth -- eighth! -- GSOM Night at Oracle Arena next month against ... our very own Sacramento Kings. GSOM has graciously invited Sactown Royalty readers to join them as well. You get a discounted ticket, some sweet GSOM-exclusive merch (even though it's Warriors, it's sweet -- tony.PSD for president!) and a great time out. If you're thinking about heading down to Oakland for Kings-Warriors on January 8, I'd advise you join up with the crew for GSOM Night.

This post also serves as a survey -- we're thinking about doing a Sactown Royalty Night at ARCO Arena sometime this season. Celebrities like section214 and Aykis16! We'd need 20+ for a group rate, and I honestly haven't checked in with the Kings yet about prices or anything, but it seems to check to see whether this is something the local readership is interested in. Respond accordingly.