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Sactown Royalty at ARCO Arena - The Next Chapter

First things first. We are not going to be able to put this together in time for the 12/16 Wizards game. This does not preclude you from independently moving forward with that game per SKingsFan's suggestion in the FanPosts (and information in the FanShots). However, after speaking with my ticket representative and reading the thread comments, we have come up with the following alternatives:

Monday, December 28, v. the Nuggets.

Wednesday, December 30, v. the Sixers.

Should this go well, we would plan an additional evening for the Milawukee Bucks game in March.

We also have our choice of locations - the 2nd deck, upper half, half court (yes, it could be the world's largest "view from section 214" that man has ever known). These seats are $25.50 each.

The is the upper deck, upper half, corner, $19.50. And there is the upper deck, lower half, corner, $40.50.

I can only attach one poll here, so the exercise goes as follows - we will go with the game that receives the most votes, regardless of the price point that you choose. We will then go with the majority price point, based on what was the most popular price point for both games combined. Confused? That makes all of us. Rules are subject to change based on my mood.

Once we determine the game and the price point, I will contact my ticket representative and we'll get it set up. At that time we will review the process for reserving seats and making payment (I believe that I will be able to reserve the block and then you will be able to contact the Kings and purchase your tickets via an StR reference). We will also discuss any potential perks (I believe that the larger the group, the more attention we might get, but we'll see). Based on the poll, we would have 132 potential attendees. 20 is the minimum. 80 would knock my socks off.

I'll also noodle with a donation idea - something like everyone can voluntarily donate to the SPCA (for example) based on their own criteria (I might donate $1 for every StR ticket that is purchased). Geoff Petrie is a big SPCA guy, so maybe he or the Kings would like to get in on it and/or match our donation. Like I said, I'm noodling with this - maybe our donation is somehow involved with one of the KIngs players groups (they each have their own community projects via the Kings), and it earns us a photo op with said player (not to mention doing something good in the community during the holiday season). It is important to note that I am on the ground floor with this idea, and it would be completely voluntary.

My thought is to let the poll run Tuesday and Wednesday, and then follow up with the next chapter on Thursday. Make your vote count (not like the hundreds of you that wasted past votes on "Ricky Rubio", "less than 17 wins", and "extend Kenny Natt."). So...