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Another Cuppa Rat Poison: The Sequel

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The Bee has a big story on the importance of the Feb. 27 Cal Expo presentation, in which the NBA and Cal Expo personnel will present to the Maloofs a detailed plan of how the plan would be funded, developed, and what sort of public assets (if any) will be needed.

That's encouraging -- something we have waited for a long time now. These passages are less encouraging.

Should an NBA team decide it wants to move to a new city, the league deadline to submit a relocation application is March 1.

Joe Maloof declined to say whether team representatives have talked with other cities recently or whether the Kings are considering filing a relocation request.

Officials in both San Jose and Anaheim this week told The Bee they are very interested in landing the Kings or another NBA team for their arenas.

Asked if San Jose officials have talked recently with the Kings, Brewster said, "I can't comment on that."

In Anaheim, Mike Schulman, chairman of the board for the company that controls the Honda Center Arena, also declined to say whether officials there have talked with the Kings, but said the city wants an NBA team.

Given that the Cal Expo presentation comes two days before the relocation application deadline, I think we'll be safe for next year. Even if the plan is bad, these things always come with a few weeks of euphoria.

But given that the dates are so close together, the Maloofs could submit their application early. Before the presentation. Call it protecting themselves in case the plan is unworkable. That's the scary part -- because from there the line between self-defense and screwing your fanbase is blurred and easily crossed.