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Ranking the Assets

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As we all discuss trade possibilities and hopes and dreams and vermin extermination, it's worth sorting out our assets. How do we value the things we have?

In the comments, rank the team's assets in order of the importance you place on them. In theory, you'd be quicker to trade things further down the list. Like, my liquor cabinet has some cheap vodka, a bottle of decent rum, and a bottle of tremendous whiskey. (Is there a such thing as non-tremendous whiskey?)  My asset ranking would be: whiskey, rum, vodka. I'd lose the vodka for half-a-gyro, but it'd take, like, a five-course meal to get me to part with the whiskey. Make sense?

(Is it too early to start drinking?)


Here's my ranking:

1. Kevin Martin. I would find it really hard to trade him for less than a super-duper-star.

2. 2009 first round pick. The question I asked myself in ranking No. 1 -- if the team had lost this pick in a previous trade, would I trade Kevin Martin to OKC for its first round pick? I said no. But I did think about it. Am I a bad person? (I am a bad person.)

3. Jason Thompson.

4. 2010 first round pick. Next season is starting to come into focus; I'm not convinced the team will be that competitive. Call it a hunch. (Note: I'm not going further than 2010 w/r/t draft picks.)

5. Spencer Hawes. Keeping saying it: "He's 20 years old. He's 20 years old."

6. John Salmons. Yeah, I'm surprised he is this high, too.

7. Donté Greene.

8. Brad Miller. He's a useful player.

9. Houston's 2009 first round pick.

10. Francisco Garcia.

11. Everything else, the slop bucket.