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With Tyson Chandler Gone and Amare on Hold, Is There a Door No. 3?

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WHEREAS the Kings are looking to burnish their roster with awesome young men in an effort to compete at a higher level, and

WHEREAS the Kings have few remarkable assets with which to barter, in terms of the viewpoints of other teams, and

WHEREAS the Kings have failed in any potential ploy to acquire the services of one Tyson Chandler, a noted defender of high honor, and

WHEREAS the Suns have allegedly taken one Amar'e Stoudemire, a graceful pivot full of sweet offensive production, and

WHEREAS the Kings need help in both the implementation of a good defense and a good offense, primarily in the center, point guard and small forward positions, and

WHEREAS other teams are in similarly dire straits in terms of needing roster upgrades and/or future financial flexibility, and

WHEREAS Quincy Douby, superstar garbage-time defender of the Kings, is a handsome fellow,

Let it be RESOLVED that the Kings, and by virtue of meta(physical/phorical) extension Kings fans, should continue to look for opportunities for improvement, as known as herewithin as activity for the sake of activity.


Tyson Chandler, age 26: 10 pt, 9.6 reb, 1.6 blk, 1.6 tov per 36 min; 56% shooting, 13.8 OReb%, 19.2 DReb%, 14 PER, +3.6 adjusted plus-minus, $26 million owed through 2010-11.

Samuel Dalembert, age 27: 8.8 pt, 12.5 reb, 2.6 blk, 2.1 tov per 36 min; 50% shooting, 11.8 OReb%, 28.9 DReb%, 13 PER, +4 adjusted plus-minus, $25 million owed through 2010-11.


Chandler's reputation is much stronger than that of Dalembert, though I can't really understand why. The only real, measurable advantages for Chandler are that he is 17 months younger, that he refuses to shoot if he can't dunk (hence the higher FG%) and he doesn't put the ball on the floor ever.

Dalembert is an equal or slightly better rebounder, a far better shot-blocker, is slightly cheaper in salary and MUCH cheaper in terms of acquisition costs. If Chandler would have cost John Salmons and an expiring contract, Dalembert has the sort of stigma that might end up with Philadelphia pay the Kings to take him away.

Ignore my comparison for a second and ask yourself if you could see the Sixers taking any of these trades ...

Dalembert and Willie Green for Brad Miller and Beno Udrih: Miller would be an offensive upgrade this season and next for a team that needs it. Andre Miller's old, and his deal expires this summer. Udrih could be a starter if needed, or a good back-up. Green's contract is small, runs through '11 and is partially unguaranteed (a la Mikki Moore, though with a potentially cheaper buy-out). Start Cassell!

Dalembert for John Salmons and Kenny Thomas: Since Elton Brand is out, the Sixers need help at the two/three (with Thad Young moving up to the four). Again, Salmons helps the offense. Also, everyone in Philadelphia is new; there shouldn't be any institutional biases against Salmons.

Dalembert for Mikki Moore and Kenny Thomas: Philly would save $2 million next year and $13 million in 2010-11. That might be important to them.

I'd love any of these ideas for the Kings. I think most 76ers fans would like them (they really don't like Dalembert). What do you think?