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Sacramento's Small Forwards of the Future


Andres Nocioni, Francisco Garcia and Donté Greene ... all signed through at least 2012. They'll make a total of no more than $13 million per season. The trio makes up one quarter of your active roster; Garcia can play any guard position as well, and Nocioni should be able to fill in at power forward in pinch. Greene can play all six positions. Yes, all SIX positions.

Assuming D.G. stops messing around with us, all three can and will stroke the three. Nocioni can rebound hard (one of the best at the position), and D.G. should become a quality rebounder. No one on the Sacramento roster will give more effort than Nocioni and Garcia, and no one on Planet Earth smiles wider than Greene.

I don't know. It could be worse. And let's remember that we have 21 hours until the deadline. More can happen, even if the load appears blown.

Surviving the storm will require every drop of optimism we've got. Spend an hour looking at the bright side. Then, we grab the pitchforks and march on Natomas.