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Same Story, Different Verse

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Again, none of the Kings' moves this week alone will fix the franchise.

But they set the team off in the right direction. The youth movement is bloody apparent. The focus on putting together a good mix, some pieces that fit together in a cogent way ... that's the plan.

Andres Nocioni will make more than two of 11 shots in the future. Kevin Martin doesn't have to play against Antoine Wright every night. Beno Udrih is not playing over his head. Francisco Garcia is not playing over his head.

Let's hope Spencer Hawes is not playing over his head.

Only 19 minutes for Jason Thompson, thanks to foul trouble and the apparent yanking of Shock when he complained to the refs too much. If it keeps J.T.'s temper under control, it's a good ploy.  Now's the time to fix the attitude, right? (In fairness to Thompson, a few of those calls were atrocious, especially the uncalled push in the back by Erick Dampier.)

Things will get better. Udrih is turning out OK -- on the month, he's at 14/4. We want better, but it's the right direction after an awful December and January. Martin is allowed one bad game every couple weeks.

Yes, things will get better.