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Roll Out the Welcome Mat

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A quick slice of meta this morning. SB Nation has partnered with Yahoo! Sports, and SBN content will now appear on Yahoo! team pages and game thread comments will be fed into Yahoo! live box scores. You can see the former in action already.

Jim Bankoff, the CEO of SBN, has a post up at Blog Huddle explaining the partnership. Basically, Yahoo! wants better local coverage. SBN wants more eyeballs.

What's this mean to you?

* There might be a grip of new users. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But around the draft. And free agency. And when the team is good again. There will no doubt be an adjustment period in which they learn the ropes, and we help teach them the ropes. Fair warning, I suppose.

* Let's limit cursing in game threads. It may be hard, but at least Mikki Moore and Brad Miller are gone. That's 2/3rds of the cursing-related problem! (Dang, Beno ...) I'm not sure of the protocol to this point, whether there will be a censor or whether the firehose will be shut off if things get out of control. I trust that you all will prevent something like that from happening.

While we're here ...

* When creating a FanShot or FanPost, please use the team and player tagging functions. It's super-easy, and it will make it easier for fans (here and from the other SBN blogs) to find the most relevant content. If you write an opus on Calvin Booth, but don't tag the post "Calvin Booth" in the player box, future generations of Calvin Booth worshippers will not be able to locate it. We don't want that.

* A quick word about ads: all ads currently on StR are sold and managed by SBN. The StubHub ad, the CBS13 ad, etc. If you run a local business and you'd like to advertise on the world's greatest Kings community, drop me an email (tom AT sactownroyalty DOT com) and I'll set you up with our network folks.