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The Kings Cannot Be Stopped (By the Clippers)

One heckuva performance for the Kings, top to bottom. The starting five pulled out to a quick lead, and the bench gunners extended it. The shots fell for Sacramento, and did not fall for L.A. But I'm not quibbling over the difference between good defense and lucky defense. The Kings have 13 wins! Huzzah!

* Andres Nocioni received all the attention last week for the nebulous "energy" and "fire" he'd add. Rashad McCants was an expiring contract. But while Nocioni has been just fine, McTenacity has been an absolute fireball. Six rebounds and four fouls for Shaddy -- the fouls are important because it means he cares on defense. A couple of those were off the ball, which tells me he wants to stick with his mark. (In the postgame, Katye Christensen disagreed and said those off-the-ball fouls will hurt in a close game.But see someone other Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson actually provide defensive resistance ... I'll take it every time.)

* Back to Nocioni: 17 points in 22 minutes. He won't shoot like that every night, but it's fantastic to have another shooting option off the bench.

* Francisco Garcia and Kevin Martin went Optimus Prime to form an awesome point guard. Too many turnovers, but these came at non-critical times and weren't (for the most part) due to overdribbling or bad decision-making. They were just silly turnovers. Those are rare.

* Great defensive game for Spencer Hawes. Solid all-around game for Jason Thompson. Every Zach Randolph shot was challenged, and Hawes kept the Clips off the offensive glass. Beautiful work.

The Kings, who might get swept by the entire freaking Eastern Conference, might sweep a four-game series against a division opponent. Amazing.

Hey Clippers, I know suck. And you, sirs, suck.