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Remembering #4


Here's Jason Thompson from Full Court Press:

Tonight is the big night C-Webb gets his #4 jersey retired. It’s good to look up to a guy like him, especially since I was drafted by the Kings. My first authentic NBA jersey was a C-Webb Kings jersey — go figure! I just had my jersey retired at Rider. Now witnessing him get his retired by the Kings will be a great thing. Just for me to see how much he means to the Kings community and the city will be great. I’ve met him and he seems like a real nice guy. Hopefully I can keep in touch and get some workouts in with him because he’s obviously left some big shoes to fill! I’m trying to achieve his status and earn the respect he had from his teammates, the city and other opponents.

The franchise put together this package back when he was traded; the scowl at about the 1:05 mark kills me every time.

In the comments, offer up your memories of #4: videos, games, quotes, moments.