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Only Fitting

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It's only that on a night when Chris Webber is recognized and the Glory era team is remembered that the refs would screw the Kings.

Four absolutely awful calls in the closing minutes.

1. Offensive foul on Jason Thompson. On a breakaway lay-up in which Thompson stopped short of the basket, Korver slid under a mid-stride J.T. and drew the charge. One of the worst calls of the season, bar none. Thompson made the lay-up, but they took it off the board.

2. Offensive foul on Kevin Martin. The backbreaker with the score tied at 105 with 34 seconds left. Again, Martin was in mid-stride when Deron Williams slide under. This play is sold complely by the fall backward by Williams. It's not a flop because there was contact -- but Williams wasn't there in time and if he hadn't been trained in proper foul-selling method it doesn't get called. Martin hit the runner, but it was taken off the board. That's four points (and two unclaimed FTAs) taken off the board by bad offensive foul calls.

3. Continuation on Williams' runner after Bobby Jackson's foul. While the refs canceled actual Kings baskets, they gave Williams at least one he shouldn't have received. Jackson fouled Williams in mid-stride. Williams landed with the lead foot ... then took another bound into the air before pulling the trigger! It went step-foul-step-shot. And Williams got continuation. That extra point tends to make a difference in tied games.

4. Swallowed whistle on Martin's attempt. Kings down two after the aforementioned bad calls; seven seonds left. To that point 54 fouls had been called -- one every fourth possession, roughly. The refs called the game extremely tightly, especially in the second half. Five players finished with at least five fouls. Eight players had at least four fouls. No contact permitted. And Martin basically gets hugged on a jumper attempt by Mehmet Okur. Yes, Martin created the contact ... as he did all night! And for 47 minutes, 53 seconds, the refs called it. Martin had 18 FTAs. It has been well-established that contact will be whistled. Williams got to the line on every touch. Martin got to the line (or got called for a dubious charge) on every touch. Consistency is all we ask. But ... nothing.

The refs didn't swallow the whistle in the fourth quarter, or in crunch time. They waited until basically the final play. Awesome work, fellows. You beat the Kings.