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How Good a Passer is Spencer Hawes?

As we all noticed (as it was just about the only highlight), Spencer Hawes registered nine assists against Philadelphia on Sunday night. It set a career high.

How many other 20-year-old centers have ever dropped nine assists? Since 1986-87 (the furthest's search database goes back): zero.

In fact, among centers younger than 21 years old, Hawes has five of the top 10 single-game assist totals (the 9er from Sunday, two 6s and two 5s). Brook Lopez (who had eight in a game against the Knicks last week) is the only other 20-year-old center in the past two decades to break six.

As a 21-year-old rookie, Brad Daughtery went over 10 assists three times. (Daughtery actually isn't a bad comp for Hawes -- Spencer has shown more shot blocking and a bit better rebounding; Daughtery shot well more consistently. Daughtery also retired young due to injury, so I'll just shut up now.)