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Timberwolves Setting the Right Example

Shocking, right?

Minnesota has been one of our peers in the Bad Team, Empty Gym Club. But Wolves owner Glen Taylor is trying to fix part of that.

You can buy a season ticket for as little as $5 a game — $215 for the season — next season. About 4,700 of those tickets will be available for the upper-deck corner sections.

Lower level tickets — corner “Player Section” areas — will be available for as little as $15 a game. Tickets behind the baskets that sold for $25 this season will be $20 under “Early Bird” pricing, which requires purchase by July 1.

The team is also introducing a no-interest nine-month payment plan. For two $5 season tickets, that’s $46 a month. For two $15 lower-level season tickets, that’s $71 a month.

Wholly commendable, and likely smart. By comparison, as of today I believe the cheapest Kings season ticket is something like $42.50 a pop. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

The Maloofs recently said they'd be looking at ways to get more fans in the building. Looking to Minnesota as an example would be a fantastic start.

Via BDL and TrueHoop.