The Case for Paul Westphal

Though TZ hasn't tossed Westphal's name into pool, it was reported that his name was buzzing around the King's offices yesterday, as reported by Amick on the radio this morning.  Though I remember him as a player and coach, a quick Wikipedia shows why there might be some interest and even a connection to Sacramento.

He's 58 years old - Not too old, but old enough to deserve respect from the team.

He's a Californian - Born in So.Cal, Played at USC, Coached Pepperdine... not perfect but good.

Played 11 Years -  5 time All-Star, won a title, played in two NBA finals, 12K points scored (see first item re: respect)

Asst NBA Coach - for Cotton and Avery Johnson

Head Coach - Took Phoenix to playoffs in each year and one NBA final.  Coached college.  Returned to NBA with Sonics for couple years.

Front Office - currently in the Mavs front office.

Coached KJ - "the Mayor."

So When Petrie says: lots of NBA experience (11 years as a player) and experience as a head coach (7 plus seasons) and as a proven winner (5 playoff appearances and one NBA finals appearance)... is he thinking Westphal? 

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