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Outside the Lines With Eddie Jordan

There has been some great debate on Eddie Jordan of late. Some have acceptable concerns about his defensive dedication and chops, while others believe he's the best option for this team. I think all of us have a touch of both opinions in our minds.

Something Sam Amick mentioned in his Sunday thinkpiece on the prospects of Jordan stands out to me, though -- something that usurps the boundaries of how we'd traditionally judge a coach (win and losses, player development).

Petrie ... may be forcing his way back into his comfort zone after years of professional discomfort. Not since longtime friend and former teammate Rick Adelman held the position has a Kings coach been so in sync with the team's basketball president. ... There is the shared hoops vision, as Jordan – who followed his Kings tenure by spending four seasons as New Jersey's lead assistant and five-plus seasons as Washington's head coach before his firing early this season – runs the very Princeton offense created by Petrie's mentor, former Princeton coach and Kings consultant Pete Carril.

I mean, this seems pretty basic. But it's important, right? Isn't it a better work environment if you're working in concert with your boss, with the same goals and ideas?

Never badmouth synergy.*