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About Plan B ...

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There's a simmering sentiment that Eddie Jordan is Plan A, and a cheap experienced coach is Plan B. Paul Westphal would seem to fit the description for Plan B. Brian McCormick, a coach and trainer whose work you can find at The Crossover Movement, checks in with some cogent concerns about this Plan B ...

If it's plan B, can't they go for someone with lots of upside? Or someone recognized for his teaching of young players? Heck, Kareem and Pat Ewing are basically begging for jobs. Dare them to take it for less than market rate. Dynamo Moscow is apparently not paying its players per an interview with Bostjan Nochbar, so maybe [David] Blatt would be interested in a new job. He's a Princeton guy -- makes sense.

Westphal seems like another Mussleman choice. I'd rather take another chance and have it blow up (Theus) than take a safe, former head coach who is a very mediocre coach and everyone already knows it. There is a fine line between great and disaster, but mediocre is mediocre.